When it comes to finding the perfect phone case, it’s all about material. Evutec’s aramid fiber phone case for the Motorola Razr is made of an advanced composite design that’s five times as strong as steel.

The case doesn’t leave anything to chance with its advanced composite material. But you wouldn’t know it. It’s still soft to the touch, ultra-thin, and lightweight. Let’s take a look at this special collaboration between Evutec and Motorola.

What this collaboration brings to you

After years of partnership, Evutec’s S-Series brings you an ultra slim case that’s customized to fit your Motorola Razr. This case is the first aramid fiber phone case created especially for the Moto Razr. Here are some of its highlights.

  1. Quality: Phone cases break every single day. While many are intended to last up to 2 years, most smartphone users will tell you they replace their phone cases far more often. Evutec’s latest aramid fiber phone case is five times as strong as steel of the same weight. This case is designed to last and prevent chipping or other damage.
  2.  Lightweight: Evutec packed all of the necessary design elements into a lightweight Moto Razr case. While durable, the S-Series case is still as thin as a credit card at only 0.7 mm, which means it adds only 11 grams to your phone. Say good-bye to the bulky phone case that makes it hard to love the phone you picked out in the store. You’ll maintain the overall appearance while protecting your phone.
  3. Scratch and stain-resistant: This series breaks through old standards of phone protection. For those who can’t seem to maintain their phone’s condition, a scratch and stain-resistant case is an essential accessory. Aramid fiber won’t crack or chip.
  4. No interference: No matter how effective a case is at protecting your phone, it isn’t functional if it blocks cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, or Bluetooth signals. This case is specifically designed for maximum range. Additionally, this phone case is created with wireless charging compatibility in mind. You’ll never have to remove your phone case in order to charge your phone wirelessly.
  5. Attractive: Evutec’s design is available in the classic colors of blue and grey with an elegant look and unique texture.

What’s special about this phone case?

This new phone case is made of aramid fiber. Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers. In fact, they’re so strong that they’re often used in aerospace and military applications. They’re ideal for uses like ballistic-rated body armor and marine hull reinforcement. Think of it as the “superstar” of the fiber world. It’s five times as stronger as steel of the same weight. When it comes to a phone case protecting your investment, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Final thoughts

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 Check out this video to get more information about this fantastic case!

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