At Evutec® we challenge ourselves to consistently push the envelope in the development of Advanced Composite Materials : substances that don’t naturally belong together, but through science and technology find compatibility and balance. We are constantly discovering ways to make ourselves, our products, and our world greater. Strength through harmony, improvement through discovery and change – that is Evolutionary Technology. That is Evutec.


Technology: Our state of the art factory uses cutting edge technology to enhance high-tech composite materials and integrate them into beautiful, yet functional products.


Manufacturing: Our high-tech facilities uses the latest in CNC technology, laser cutting, high-capacity vacuum forming, computer controlled polishing mechanisms, vertical injection molding, Kevlar treatment, 9 axis CNC mills, heated vacuum chambers, and EDM cutting technology.

Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration: While other brands outsource their manufacturing, settling for low-quality materials and relinquishing control of the design and creation process, Evutec is a fully vertically integrated company, owned and operated by one of the largest OEM manufacturers in Dongguan, China. Our factory OEM’s high-tech consumer products for some of the largest companies in the world, and we bring that technology and innovation to every Evutec product.


Materials: The most durable materials from high-tech industries such as Advanced Composite Materials (ACM) and Ballistic Nylon are integrated into our design through proprietary technologies and design processes perfected with over 20 years of manufacturing experience.


Innovation: Our design team is constantly searching for ways to improve upon our designs and material integration. Evolution is not only in the design and technology of our products, but a philosophy we strive to adhere to.