Evutec & 3V

World's First Aramid Carbon Fiber and Nomex All-in-one Pickleball Paddle

3V is the world's first company to apply aramid fiber, carbon fiber, and aerospace-grade NOMEX materials to pickleball paddles. The paddle surface consists of a layer of woven aramid fabric and two layers of laminated carbon fabric. The Nomex core is a layer of aerospace and military-grade dual-fiber honeycomb. With the unique weaving technology of a multi-layer structure, the 3V pickleball paddles has the ultimate superior performance.

  • 10mm NOMEX Core
  • Triple-layer Face
  • Ergonomic PU Grip
  • 7 layers Seamlessly Combined
  • 9mm Edge Guard Technology
  • Lightweight and Powerful

Why Nomex Core?

Honeycomb composites made of Nomex® can be found in a wide range of aerospace applications. From aircraft cabin floors, walls, ceilings, overhead bins and bulkheads to landing gear doors, leading and trailing edges on wings and helicopter rotor blades. Nomex® provides a flame and corrosion resistant solution that is stiff, strong, and lightweight.

The thicker inner core of NOMEX aramid honeycomb applied to pickleball paddles will give you more sweet spots and a softer touch. At the same time, combined with the rich 6-layer carbon and aramid fiber surface technology, it can absorb the vibration and violent sound generated when hitting the ball. Moreover, it can sustain a continuous speed, bringing a more comfortable experience.

Our Features

Tri-layer Face

One lay of aramid fibers and two layers of carbon fabrics are super strong and rigid, which can fully transmit force to the ball and offer a smooth hitting pleasure.

10mm NOMEX Core

The Nomex honeycomb core works in conjunction with the revolutionary Triple Carbon and Aramid Face to absorb the vibration from each hit and yield unwavering speed.

9mm Edge Guard Technology

The 9mm narrow-side edge is made of environmental-friendly PVC. It has a balanced appearance, lightweight but extremely protective and durable.

7 Seamless layers

The paddle consists of six layers of aero-space carbon aramid fabrics and a layer of Nomex honeycomb core for an ideal level of strength and stiffness.

Large Sweet Spot

The extra-large surface area improves the overall power and control of the paddle, giving every shot more consistency.

Ergonomic PU Grip

The ergonomic PU soft grip provides ultimate comfort and better traction. It is anti-sweat and anti-slip, and wear-resistant.

Control, Speed and Consistence


Beginner to Pro


I've played all models of the amped series, and kept a couple, but was still constantly in the search for another paddle. Until I tried 3V series! For reference, I play 5 days a week and am around a 4.5 but take that however you choose. Great Paddles!