Evutec Aramid Fiber Case for Motorola Razr 

Our reunion with Motorola is an exciting partnership, yet unsurprising due to our years of successful collaboration previously. Recently, Motorola announced a partnership in the form of a Moto Razr phone case with real aramid fiber, also known as “Kevlar”, which due to its strength and lightweight, is frequently used in aerospace and advanced military applications, including ballistic rated body armor.

Evutec's aramid fiber phone cases for Razr, use the advanced composite with real aramid fibers which are five times as strong as steel. They are impressively well-designed, good-looking, durable yet thinner than a credit card!

Razr phone cases are available right now on Motorola.com/Verizon website/Evutec.com. Prices start at $59.99 for Razr. 

One of the most eye-catching features of this phone case is that Evutec makes all necessary efforts to ensure that they fit perfectly for Moto Razr, which makes them look aesthetically great while being comfortable to handle— a crucial element for many users who are obsessed with aesthetic symmetry. Moreover, the composite shell of the s-series is custom formed to securely wrap your phone and won't crack or chip. These cases only come in black at present, which has always been the best and classic Evutec color mix.

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