Introducing Evutec Aramid Fiber Phone Cases for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

We are super excited to launch our latest aramid fiber phone cases for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and  iPhone 12 Pro Max. Our signature aramid fiber phone case is exceptional in nearly every dimension -- protection, style, thinness and creativity, you name it. Here are a few highlights of our aramid fiber cases:

Real Aramid Fiber

Unlike some other brands using cheap material to imitate the texture of aramid fiber, Evutec is one of the first to creatively apply real aramid fiber material to develop high quality phone cases. Aramid fiber is similar to carbon fiber, but it will not interfere with the cellphone signals. Aramid fiber is known for its hardness. It is five times as strong as steel at the same weight. This material is commonly used in armor (for instance, for bulletproof vests), spacecraft, jet engines and race cars.

4-Feet Protection

Our latest aramid fiber cases provide 4-feet protection for your new iPhone. Although we all value our new iPhone very much, sometimes accidents still happen. We need to be cautious and give our new phone the best protection we can get. Evutec commits itself to developing highly protective phone cases to ultimately protect your phone from damage, be it minor or serious. If accidents happen, our case can be the life saver for your new phone! 

Slim and lightweight

Our aramid fiber phone cases are known for being not only protective, but also slim and lightweight. Each case is 0.9 mm thin and weighs less than 20 gram. Many cellphone users don’t like the bulkiness of phone cases, and the thin Evutec phone cases avoid this inconvenience wonderfully. The high-quality material, the protection, the stylishness, and the thinness of the phone cases all add up to an excellent phone case, which ensures users' satisfaction. 

Magnetic vent mount turns your phone into a navigation tool

One of the best additional benefits of our phone cases is this free magnetic vent mount that comes with the case. If you drive, this magnetic vent mount can be super helpful. There are metal inserts in the phone case which hold strongly to the magnetic vent mount. So instead of holding your phone the whole time to check GPS while you are driving, you can simply stick the phone to the vent mount and use the vent mount as a phone holder. 

Wireless Charging Compatible

Although there are metal inserts in the phone case, you don’t need to worry about the wireless charging function at all. Our team has carried out endless tests to guarantee that the phone case is wireless charging compatible and totally safe when charging wirelessly. Forget the hassles of taking off the phone case every time you charge your phone and get an Evutec aramid fiber case instead! 


To sum up, our signature aramid fiber case offers not only protection, decoration and additional benefits such as magnetic vent mount. but also the unique smooth texture of the case itself. 

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