Christmas is around the corner, so if you still have some Christmas shopping that needs to be done, don’t forget that at Evutec there are some awesome gift options. Here are some Christmas gift options from Evutec:


No.1 Evutec Aramid Fiber Phone Cases Collection for iPhone

Our signature aramid fiber phone case collection for iPhone is exceptional in nearly every regard -- protection, style, thinness and creativity, you name it.

Unlike some other brands which use cheap material to imitate the texture of aramid fiber, Evutec is one of the first to creatively apply real aramid fiber material in order to develop high quality phone cases. Aramid fiber is similar to carbon fiber, but unlike the carbon, it will not interfere with the cellphone signals. 

Aramid fiber is known for its hardness. It is five times as strong as steel of the same weight. In fact, this material is commonly used in armor (for instance, for bulletproof vests), spacecraft, jet engines and race cars.

This case is thin, yet protective. A free magnetic vent mount comes with the case to turn your phone into a convenient navigation tool in the car. In addition, the case is wireless-charging compatible.



No.2 Evutec Ballistic Nylon Phone Cases Collection for iPhone

Our Ballistic Nylon Case collection for iPhone offers not only protection, decoration and such additional benefits as magnetic vent mount and also the unique material of the case itself.

Ballistic nylon boasts excellent durability and abrasion resistance and is widely used for protective garments. Evutec utilized ballistic nylon in consumer electronic products with high processing precision (0.05mm).

Our Ballistic Nylon Cases come in a variety of colors for you to choose. It makes a great gift for both male and female.



No.3 Evutec Aramid Fiber Phone Case for Moto Razr 5G

Evutec’s aramid fiber phone case for the Motorola Razr 5G is made of an advanced composite design that’s five times as strong as steel. The case doesn’t leave anything to chance with its advanced composite material. But you wouldn’t know it, as it’s still soft to the touch, ultra-thin, and lightweight.

Evutec packed all of the necessary design elements into a lightweight Motorola Razr 5G case. While durable, the case is still as thin as a credit card at only 0.7 mm, which means it adds only 11 grams to the total weight of your phone. Say good-bye to the bulky phone case that makes it hard to love the phone you picked out in the store. With this excellent case, you’ll maintain the overall appearance while still protecting your phone.

Ready to find the perfect phone case as a Christmas gift? Then look no further than Evutec. You can start your shopping here. Don't forget to get your Christmas discount on!

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