Father's Day Guidelines

Why does Evutec launch this promotion?

With Father’s day coming, Evutec decided to take this chance to say that we’re making efforts to be better and we keep hoping that everyone in this world will be better and will live a normal life again.

When is this promotion?

The campaign will start from 14th and last for two weeks till 28th. The best deals will be available on 21th- exactly the father’s day.

Whats new about Evutecs fathers day promotion?

Known as one of the best iPhone cases brands, Evutec offers cases for almost all iPhone series with plenty of advanced composite materials. However, people don’t notice that Evutec also provides cases for other top-tier phone brands like Motorola and Samsung.

Recently, Motorola and Evutec announced a partnership in the form of a Moto Razr phone case and an Edge+ phone case with real aramid fiber (known as “Kevlar” which is both strong and lightweight, as the same fibers frequently used in aerospace and advanced military applications, including ballistic rated body armor). This is an amazing news and we are so excited to share with all the customers here!

For more details about the new products, please check out the links below.

The cases are well-formed and handsome, which are perfect as gifts for fathers. Besides, Evutec offers 15% OFF discount with code: cooldad during this promotion, so it’s absolutely an ideal choice!

What are the deals?

In the first section, we picked up latest cases as father’s gifts options. Customer can save 15% with code cooldad.

In the second section, there are two tiers of discount that will fit for all the needs (50% OFF/35% OFF)

In the third section, we selected the best deals and those deals will be displayed and replaced from time to time.

Whats special during this promotion?

Besides all the good deals mentioned above, Evutec also launch a giveaway campaign. To celebrate all the amazing dads out there, we’re offering father’s day deals on evutec.com and giving away a special gift to 10 lucky fathers. Winners will be notified by June 21th. Check it out here for more details!

Last but not least, stay safe and live every moment of your life with love and care! Happy Father’s Day!

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