About Evutec

Evutec is the first company in the world that combines aramid fiber, solid bamboo, and solid wood mobile phone protective shell. The brand name means the perfect combination of ecology and Technology, and Evutec is an official partner of Oneplus. In 2014, Evutec's products won the titles of "Best Case Design Award" and "Best Case Minimalist Art Award" issued by CTIA "Super Mobility Week"

Evutec has 15 years of consumer electronics product consumption experience. Through the integration of aviation-grade high-tech processes, the original ecological and environmental protection materials and high-tech protective materials have been carefully created into ultra-thin, highly efficient new protection products. It has already settled in major supermarkets in the United States, such as Target, Walmart, Bestbuy, etc., and it is also sold on Amazon.com. Evutec provides consumers with DuPont Kevlar mobile phone cases, including high-quality and green environmental protection products such as natural log phone cases and natural log phone cases.

Evutec firmly believes that good products require good materials. Such ideas and persistence drive Evutec to continuously develop and produce special products.


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